Sunday, January 10, 2010

The MoneyWalker Cookbook

Journal Entry 1/9/10: Coinage = $1.47, 57 pennies (two wheats), 1 nickel, 6 dimes, 1 quarter; Ground scores = 4; Glass bottles = 5.

Journal Entry 1/10/10: Weight = 173.4 (4th day of continuous measured decrease); Coinage = $4.04 (both car wash locations delivered), 94 pennies, 12 nickels, 24 dimes (may be a record) 4 quarters. Of the total, 66 cents from traditional curb coins.

Feature Entry: The MoneyWalker Cookbook

Many fitness writers publish their own calorie friendly cookbook. Ah, the glorious image, The MoneyWalker’s Cookbook. But not to worry, it won’t happen. Instead expect to put up with an occasional recipe which begins with this post.

Franks and Onion Sauté (Serves One)(Less than 200 calories)


1. Two premium franks
2. One medium onion, a ground score onion if possible (see January 8, 2010 post)
3. One tablespoon of olive oil
4. One glop of yellow mustard (please, no Grey Poupon)
5. Two to four Tums


Fill a sauce pan to half level with water. Bring water to a boil and cook franks for three minutes. Set aside. When cool, cut into ¾ inch pieces. Clean onion of outer skin and coarsely chop into one inch pieces. Heat oil in a 9” skillet and add onion pieces. Cook two minutes stirring continually. Add the franks to the onions and continue sautéing until the onion and the outer skin of the franks begin to blacken. Remove from heat and transfer to plate. Add a glop of yellow mustard on the side and enjoy. Goes well with one slice of toasted 7-grain bread. Use Tums as needed.

This recipe is not recommended for date night.



  1. Aack! Hot dogs? That is where we part ways, my friend! But I loved the Tums ingredient.

    So it's a little cold down your way? When I checked the NO weather conditions it said lows of 36. Wendy (blog commenter, stepdaughter) lives in Ft. Worth and they don't handle the cold any better than you NO folks. I ralked yesterday morning for 2 1/2 hours. Had sunshine for a change, but still in low 20's. This morning I was a wimp and opted for the pool again.

  2. I know the recipe was a loser but I had to do something with that onion. Otherwise, why bring it home.