Friday, April 10, 2009


Sometimes it is good to take a few days and allow the body to mend and regroup. So
The MoneyWalkers are taking a few days off in sunny Destin, Fl. I have completed modest walks and have netted $.15, one dime and five pennies. Too much sand.

Beside the beach and overeating, I visit thrift stores. Found this interesting used book called Creative walking for physical fitness,a new scientifically conceived program to reduce weight and inches and increase muscle tone. It was written by Harry J. Johnson, M.D. New is relative and time marches, the book has a 1970 copyright.

There are several good points and many will be referenced in future posts. For now, consider a few of these "trailers."

* "It is better to walk than to run."
* "Walking, plain old-fashioned walking, on a regular basis, can do more to help you attain good health and physical fitness with less risk than any other known form of exercise."
* "By regular walking you can help develop your peripheral circulation, thereby reducing the possibility of a heart attack."
* "A walking program can greatly increase your chances of longevity, improve your health, even enhance your appearance."

Surf's calling!


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