Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Journal Entry: April 21, 2009

Journal Entry: Weight = 179.0; Coinage = $1.54, 49 pennies, 3 nickels, 4 dimes, & 2 quarters; glass bottles retrieved = 6. This was a dream walk in terms of money found and ambient temperature, a cool 68 degrees with low humidity. I will enjoy these mornings while they last.

Best coinage find was a three coin scatter at an Exxon gas bay, two nickels and a dime. One of my off-list money walking friends encouraged me to look more earnestly at gas bay money spots. Previously I had given the gas bays a short shift of attention and focused on the vacuum/air pressure stations along with the car wash coin points of entry. The encouragement is paying dividends. Since my Easter day conversation I have found many pennies and a few nickels by being extra attentive to the gas pump areas.

Also, finding 49 pennies on one walk without a major penny scatter was fun. Pennies were everywhere, especially in the curbs. Finding money in the parking curbs remains my favorite place to find money.

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