Monday, April 6, 2009

Journal Entry 4/6/09

Journal Entry: Body Weight = 178.4 lbs.; Coinage = $1.05, 25 pennies, 5 nickels, 5 dimes, 1 quarter; Glass bottles retrieved = 11. Interesting Find, Rally's burgers, a quarter in parking lot and 3 dimes and two pennies in drive-thru. Good day for nickels, found one in five different money spots. Had one nice walk-over penny find.

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  1. Hey, I like your blog. I've linked to it on mine. I have a different focus (more on behavoiral change), but the first thing I'm trying is money walking so right now we are writting about similar things. I couldn't get the comment thing to let me sign it with my wordpress account (no idea why) so he's the link to my site if you are interested.

  2. Jason, nice to have you as a follower. I will check out your blog and follow what are you doing. How did you find the MoneyWalker? Concerning my posts, I attempt to mix comments about finding money with "tutorials" on fitness and weight management. I want to add other features as side bars when I find the time to learn how to use Google's Blogspot features.