Sunday, January 18, 2009

money spots

Finding money is like sales, it is a matter of making the calls. This afternoon, my one hour walk gave up $1.29, 55 cents above my average. From my house in a mixed community of businesses and homes, I have identified five money destinations. Each walk takes me to a different destination. Each destination requires 30 or 40 minutes of brisk walking. Between the destinations and my home are dozens of money spots. By visiting each money spot, I average 73 cents per one hour walk. Examples of money spots include newspaper stands, drink dispensers, pay telephones, gas stations, post offices, the curbs coming and going, car washes, fast food drive-throughs, select parking lots, and banks with drive through facilities. So off I go, briskly walking from one money spot to another scanning the curbs and parking lots and then checking the money returns of the newspaper, drink dispensers, and telephones. By checking enought of the money spots, you will yield the desired results. As for money destinations, my one for today was a major service station with pay phones, drive-through car washes, and multiple gas bays. It rarely disapoints. Then across the street to a series of fast food restaurants with their parking lots and drive-throughs. Then back home checking the money spots on the opposite side of the street taken to the money destination. One big find was a quarter left in a daily newspaper dispenser and another quarter in a pay telephone change return. The curb's were especially generous giving up 49 cents. In summary, MoneyWalkers should strive to walk for 30 minutes to an end point. With repetition, identify the money spots and check each one. Return home using the same path but on a different side of the street checking that routes money spots. Happy Fitness walking.


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