Monday, January 12, 2009

MoneyWalker's January 12, 2009 journal entry with a MoneyWalker comment

01/12/09: Weight, 180.0 lbs; Money found, $1.75. found a dollar bill in a Shell drive through car wash. Found 26 cents in a curb "scatter" on Iberville. For the walk, more than 50 cents were curb finds. During walk, found two working lighters and an interesting discarded Christmas wreath. Noted construction for next year Christmas idea. Found a nickle encrusted in asphalt. From curb, located a nail and brick and picked the nickle free.

Comment: My walks begin at 6:45 a.m., the time when sufficient sunlight allows money to be spotted. I check the weather report and dress accordingly. Formerly, I recorded the steps using a pedometer, a devise that attaches to your body and automatically counts steps. These devices became popular after fitness experts deemed that adults should walk 10,000 steps a day to maintain fitness. The ones I bought were inexpensive and the data were unreliable. Yet, I wore them long enough to estimate 2000 to 2500 steps for each 20 minutes of fast walking. I also do not register the time of my walk. When I started walking, I walked 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. Now I simply mentally note the time and walk to my predetermined end point which remains about 30 minutes out. My walks average between one hour and 1.15 hours. In the above journal entry, I used the word "scatter." A scatter is a multiple coin find. When I find one coin on the ground or floor surface, I always look for other coins. People often lose coins in multiples. I once found a scatter of 7 quarters. It was outside a bar with pay poker machines. I also note "groupings" in my journal. Perhaps by chance, but it is not uncommon to find money in groups. Find a dime, and often in the same block of the walk, another coin is found. I call that a grouping when the coin finds seem to be unrelated as in a scatter. While the MoneyWalker looks to find money, he also finds other useful items. The MoneyWalker never buys pencils, ball point pens, or cigarette lighters for my smoking friends. I also pick-up miscellaneous hardware items for my shop. Items include bolts, washers, car-wash supplies, etc. My journal entry also indicates specifically where money is found. Finding currency is very rare, so this morning's entry indicated that I had found a one dollar bill inside of a drive through car wash--very strange. We will revisit many of the ideas posted in this journal entry comment using stand-along posts.

The MoneyWalker

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