Sunday, April 7, 2013

Soothsayers and Omens

Today’s weight = Not available

Today’s coinage = $3.09

Best Find, narrative follows

In terms of secular logic, I am absolutely and completely a bona fide scientific method person.  Yet I could not ignore some premonition to take a Sunday afternoon walk.  In the first block I found a curb nickel, surely an omen of good things to follow. But if the find was an augury, it was a negative one.  The next 30 blocks in spite of active scanning and focusing, not another coin, not even a penny was found.  I now knew, or thought I knew that my once promising walk was being foreshadowed by failure.  Still a modest amount of coins were accumulating, but well below average.  Then as if a horseshoe had been placed in my hand, compelled by a hunch, an inner voice sounding something like a soothsayer from the East, compelled me to take a detour from my established walking route and to the parking lot of New Orleans’ India House a youth hostel.  There along the curb was one of the largest scatters of my many years of moneywalking --six quarters, four dimes, three nickels, and eight pennies for a total of $2.13.  That plus the $.96 made a total of $3.09.  As I said, science and logic trumps fear and superstition every time.


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