Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ageism and Mayday

Weight = unknown, too busy with renovating bath and kitchen at Folsom to take mind.

Coinage = $.01 on residual walk to Home Depot to fetch materials for Folsom project, about ½ mile round trip.

Observation = Today, ageism reared its ugly self.  The term was coined in 1969 by Robert N. Butler to describe discrimination and patronization against people my age (about 35 in “mind” years and 70 in calendar years).  So on my residual walk (any walk that is not a planned daily fitness walk) I had just found a penny and a few steps later a  ground score (a non-monetary find, in this case a device used to mix sheetrock “mud” or joint compound).  Still zooming and scanning the curbs, I failed to notice a one inch high fault in the sidewalk.  My foot caught the elevated slab in such a way as to lose balance instantly.  Sometimes the brain signals and SOS message, to make bodily adjustments so as to regain one’s balance.  This was a mayday signal, the Moneywalker was going down.  Being experience in the art falling, the ground score was discarded and the hands braced for the fall.  Perfect landing, the wrist, elbows, and shoulders absorbed the shock without even one scuffed palm or knee.  The problem occurred on the way down when I noticed three generous folks observing the entire production.  They rushed to my rescue assuming the worse, that the old gentleman must certainly by in need of an ambulance, or at least helped to his feet.  I looked them in the eye, thanked them for their concern, and before they could lay a hand, was back on my feet zooming and focusing in search of the next find.

Caution out there walkers, cars are not the only obstacle that must be monitored; sidewalks can result in nasty spills.  As for growing older, the Moneywalker plans are to push the “mayday” of living back at least ten more years, then we will see.


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