Monday, November 16, 2009

The best time of the day for a walk

Feature Entry:
Anita Brookner’s (Anita Brookner won the Man Booker Award for British Literature with Hotel Dulac) protagonist Lewis Percy from the book of the same name was a complete walker. He walked to form resolutions, to reflect, to combat sadness and boredom. He walked when he was joyful, when he was sad and to maintain good health. Usually he preferred evening walks but also walked early and midday.

The MoneyWalker prefers early morning walks, but he frequently takes midday and evening walks. Evening walks are problematic with daylight savings time due to low visibility. Not only can motorists not easily see the walker, those searching for coins can’t find coins. Since the MoneyWalker prefers curb sides to sidewalks, midday walks have the advantage of having more car-free curb space than early morning walks.

Still, the best time for moneywalking remains early in the morning. The word stealth comes to mind. I will allow the blog readers to provide their own explanation for that word.

Journal Entry: Weight = 175.6; Coinage Nov. 14 = $.41, Nov. 15 = $.52, Nov. 16 = $1.84; Total glass bottles = 12; Total ground scores = 9; Recycled three garments since last post. People in our multi-cultural neighborhood are now well aware of the frequent opportunities and I sense that some are repeat customers.

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  1. Stealth. I thought I was pretty good at it until yesterday. Got "the look" at a car wash from someone in authority(?) that implied I should not return. Okay, so I won't.

    Winter makes it hard to be stealthy. Due to the darkness and early morning light I have to wear the jacket with reflecting strips. Summer and warmer weather are much more conducive to stealth. Ralking hours are earlier and streets are quieter.

    On the other hand, when strolling through drive-thru windows I don't think most workers are bit surprised anymore when I appear. Although I try to be non-intrusive I also don't particularly hide my arrival. I guess I try to be stealthy in that I usually approach from an unobtrusive angle and if possible, scope out the territory before going through.

    MoneyWalker, hopefully my ramble was what you had in mind.

    Corkym, what beat are you walking?

  2. Numismatist, nice ramble. Don't you hate the rejection? About cold weather, not that ours compares to Utah, but yesterday early in the morning, my path crossed with two others. One was a street person and the other was a well dressed twenty-something. The well dressed one, after completing a conversation with the other turned to me and said, "Don't go anywhere, I will be right back with a blanket." It is that kind of confusion that makes me prefer stealth walks.