Monday, November 30, 2009

Anthony Trollope and Walking

Feature Entry: What Anthony Trollope Knew About Walking, Smoking, and Good Health

In his 17th novel, The Claverings, Trollope demonstrated his understanding of the need for walking as one way to practice weight control by the following account of Reverend Clavering: “Thought not yet fifty, he was becoming fat and idle,--unwilling to walk, and not caring much even for riding as the bishop had left to him.” AT seemed to have liked the Reverend, but he also scolded him for his habit of smoking five or six cigars a day.

The U.S. Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control must like these passages.

Journal Entry: Weight = $176.2; Coinage = $.92; Ground Scores = 10; Glass Bottles = 13; Best coinage find = a dime and penny scatter; Two good recent finds = a dollar bill on a shuttle bus transporting our party to the Ole Miss/LSU game last week-end and a second dollar bill found while taking a utility walk to help a friend.


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  1. Two paper finds so close together! Wow!

    Not being able to cross the border I didn't bring home any pesos. We'll be going back in a few months so hopefully will have another go at it.

    Hoping to get to the library this week for a book.