Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Culture of Walking, Part I

Journal Entry, October 4, 2009: Coinage = $2.62. These totals represent pocket change from the MoneyWalker’s trip to Connecticut, New York, and D.C. Just over a dollar in change were found on the streets of New York City, about 80 cents in one location. It is difficult to find lost money during random virgin walks regardless of the venue.

Journal Entry, October 5, 2009: Coinage = $3.21, 121 pennies, 8 nickels, 11 dimes, 2 quarters; Bottles retrieved = 14; Ground scores = 3. Most of the coinage was found in the infamous canisters at the car wash. The plane landed at 12 noon and by 2 p.m. the MoneyWalker was walking the curbs. Two extra pounds of body fat had to be measured and reduced.

Journal Entry, October 6, 2009: Coinage = $1.35, 105 pennies, 1 nickel, 1 quarter; Glass Bottles = 4; Ground Scores = 5; Best Coinage find = a long lost quarter in an asphalt crevice. The MoneyWalker doesn’t break stride, but he always looks extra careful in the cracks and crevices. Big day at the seventeenth canal.

Feature Entry: When travelling, searching for lost coins is not a necessary motivation device. In a city like New York, the visual excitement is more than ample. It is fun to walk in the Big Apple. Move away for Times Square and the tourist and you will find that the streets are filled with “professional” walkers.

The city has a culture of walking. These folks walk fast paced and with a mission. Time is money. And walking is usually the fastest way for most destinations in that Manhattan is a compact city. There are taxis galore, but most people walk. Moreover, the visual vistas are magnificent with ample parks, interesting architecture, and culturally diverse people with their dress and personal habits. Compared to most U.S. regions there are few overweight people, nor dogs.

The next several blogs will feature other aspects of the culture of walking. Many thoughts will be taken from the British author Anita Brookner that peppers her excellent literary novels with protagonists that are avid walkers.

In the mean time it is back to the big four for the MoneyWalker—daily weighing, a heart smart breakfast, portion control menus, and a four mile zoom walk.


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  1. Wow, you covered a lot of ground in the last nine days! Hopefully you were able to get a lot of quality grandchildren time in between all of the walking.

    Next week it's our turn to head out of town. Going west to San Francisco for five days. Staying at Fisherman's Wharf where I suspect the coinage will be sparse. Still on a fairly strict diet so I'm a little nervous about leaving the comfort/security of my own kitchen and low calorie meals.

    New York is not my favorite city for exactly the reason you cited, the residents walk at a very fast pace. We found it impossible to navigate the streets due to my husband's use of crutches and the impatience of the natives at his slower speed. After nearly being knocked over more than a few times we gave up. Too scary to risk injury.

    Glad you're back.