Friday, September 4, 2009

Creating a Living Trust Fund

Journal Entry, Sept. 3, 2009: Weight = 172.8; Coinage = $1.60; 135 pennies, 1 nickel, 2 dimes; Glass bottles = 4; Ground scores = 9; Best coinage find = 135 pennies in three stacks on a bridge guard (I have no idea)

Journal Entry, Sept. 4, 2009: Weight = 173.2; Coinage = $1.75, 60 pennies, six nickels, six dimes; Glass bottles = 8; Ground score = 1; Best coinage = the six dimes, six nickels, and 49 pennies found at the car wash.

Feature Entry: Ms MoneyWalker is putting forward convincing evidence for changing our will to something called a “living trust.” We have read that the heirs of our modest estate will save much time and expense in not having to go through probate. However, I’m banking on my walking regiment to forestall the need for such a document for many years.

One problem is the upfront time required to dutifully and accurately record each and every item for the Living Trust. The question is, just which ones of my children will be the proud owners of all my Ground Scores such as the ones featured above.



  1. That photo has me seriously cracking up! I'll be smiling for the rest of the day! Must show it to hubby who thinks I'm the only one who picks up weird stuff! Not sure if that tennis ball is going to bounce very well. And what is that thing on the right above the pennies?

    Timely post. Just this morning while out ralking I passed over a filthy T-shirt in a gutter. It made me wonder how you carry all of your ground scores back home to proudly display to Mrs. Moneywalker. Backpack? Pillowcase? Cargo pants?

    Also, I checked out the vacuum stations at our local carwashes. About half are padlocked. You might have keys to them in your stash of ground scores. As I intensely dislike anything connected to vacuums (evidence: the floor under my chair and my car mats) rummaging through those receptacles is probably not going to happen here.

    Did I see you on Facebook?

  2. First the object above the pennies, it is a perfectly good 3/4 inch galvaninzed "T" for plumbing. It also has a 1 inch nipple attached (my home still uses galvanized pipe).

    Forget tennis, think about Sophia my daughter's dog.

    I use a plastic grocery bag for the ground scores. Found a perfectly good pair of Nautica blue jeans this morning. They will be washed and advertised in the usual way. Other things go in my walking shorts pockets. I use tennis shorts because of their strong deep pockets.

    I have been aware for a long time that the vacuums were loaded with loose change but could not bring myself to the rummaging. A plastic gloove from Home Depot solved the squimmishness. I get there very early to avoid prying eyes.

    Facebook, I don't actively participate but have an account. I do Tweet:

    Thanks for your response, glad you enjoyed it.


  3. I'm still chuckling.

    I joined Facebook about four months ago, mostly to see what all the fuss was about and to keep tabs on my daughter and grandson. It was really mean because they felt like they had to "friend" me and now they have to behave. I love it. Haven't posted in months but lurk often. This computer already takes up too much of my time.