Saturday, July 9, 2011

Advesperate Walking

Credit photo to Markdanielowen.

Advesperate Walking

The MoneyWalker had just started reading Ammon Shea’s Reading the OED, one man, one, year, 21,730 pages. He has reduced the 1989 20 volumes Oxford English Dictionary to 250 pages of wit and intellectual wizardry. The first chapter appropriately enough is called “A.” Obviously to reduce 21,000+ OED pages into 250 pages requires careful selectivity. Shea features words that connected with his highly imaginative personality. In turn, the first of his words to connect with me was the word Advesperate (v)-- to approach evening. States Shea, “…when I am walking down the street and the light of day is about to change to the light of early evening, the word will flit through my mind, and I have a rush of joy from knowing how to name such an ephemeral moment."

Incidentally, Shea thinks we should enjoy knowing these words but does not necessarily recommend that we use them with our friends.

For the money walker, advesperate walking is just that, walking during that magical part of the day when the last light of daytime is giving over to the blue shades of evening. There is no better time to enjoy the dynamics of your neighborhood than in that special time between afternoon and evening. The commuter traffic is over, children are playing, neighbors are visiting on their front porches, and in the summer, mild breezes bring cooling comfort.

Advesperate walking is not a time for money searches, but it is a time for reflecting and just enjoying being outside. The MoneyWalker uses advesperate walking as a change of pace from his usual early morning stealth walks.

Give it a try.

Money found on this morning’s walk--$1.60


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