Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Walker Faces Six Life-Style Health Tests

Photo by Walgreens

Feature Entry: A Walker Faces Six Life-Style Health Tests

In New Orleans, Walgreens drug stores dominate Rite Aid and CVS. On today’s walk, the MoneyWalker was greeted with a red and white motor van at the Walgreens across the street from his midcity home. Over the months, the Walgreen parking lot has provided countless coins. The sign read “Wellness Tour: Free screenings.”

It turns out, the van is part of a nationwide tour that features nine customized buses that travel across 48 states, visiting more than 3,000 communities. The 2011 tour is co-sponsored by the National Urban League. Find a tour near you by typing

The NUL/Walgreens Wellness Tour is delivering free health tests and health education to communities across the country with a special emphasis on diverse and underserved areas. Available free tests are worth over $100 per person, and no appointment is necessary. Tests include:

• Total Cholesterol Levels
• Blood Pressure
• Bone Density
• Glucose Levels
• Waist Circumference
• Body Mass Index

With the test being free, the MoneyWalker walked right in. After just a few minutes an agent reviewed the results. The MoneyWalker’s scores are on the left and his grade on the right.

• BP 115/79 mmHg Grade = Excellent
• Glucose 95 mg/dl Grade = Excellent
• Cholesterol 210 mg/dl Grade = Good
• Body Comp 29.0 % Grade = Good
• BMI 25.3 Grade = Good
• Waist 34” Grade = Excellent (but I inhaled)

Overall the MoneyWalker was proud of his results. Got to get that pesky BMI under control. What about you? Do you have the courage to take the tests; if so, what are you waiting for? Take the tests! They may save your life.



  1. Is that Mount Carmel in the background behind the bus or Monkey Hill?

  2. I posted a comment yesterday and it didn't show up!

    We don't have CVS here but we do have Walgrens just down the street. Congratulations on those great numbers! I've lost ten pounds in the last month. If I can pull of another ten maybe I'll get brave and have those tests done. Maybe.

  3. 10 pounds, great news. Thanks for monitoring my infrequent posts and keeping me informed of your progress. As for weight loss, I'm stuck on numbers just above the dreaded BMI recommendations.