Monday, February 7, 2011

Journal Entry 2/7/11: A Long Walk Home

Photo by Gary Aurebach

Journal Entry: A Long Walk Home

Feb. 7, 2011: Weight = 175.6 lbs; Coinage = $2.00, 30 pennies, 2 nickels, 1 dime, 6 quarters (one super find of 2 quarters found on a hunch detour); Ground Scores = 15.

One find was a hard back book by Tom Hendrix titled If the Legends Fade about the journey of Te-lah-nay, an Oklahoma "healer" and her long walk back home to her ancestral origin of northwest Alabama. Episodes from her walk will be a "feature" in a future blog. The book was in a trash bin at a car wash.

Another find was a nearly new red California Innovation Reusable Thermal Grocery Tote. Amazon sells them for $29.99 and define it as "The perfect size thermal tote to take on a picnic, camping trip or grocery store. The tote is fashionable with comfortable carry handles. Its rugged exterior construction ensures a leak proof interior. Keep ice for up to 2 days!" It was curb side waiting for the garbage truck.





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