Monday, June 7, 2010

Using the Brown Plan To Get Thin

Journal Entry, 6-4-10: Weight = 171.2 lbs; Coinage = $1.16, 46 pennies, 2 nickels, 1 dime, 2 quarters. One glass bottle. 3 ground scores. Best find, a quarter in a newspaper vender.

Journal Entry, 6-6-10: Weight = 174.0 lbs; Coinage = $5.06, 141 pennies, 16 nickels, 16 dimes, 5 quarters. Great day at the car wash.

Journal Entry, 6-7-10: Weight = 171.8 lbs; Coinage = $1.67, 87 pennies, 8 dimes; six glass bottles, 4 ground scores including a very nice chair.

Feature Entry: Using the Brown Plan To Get Thin

It is well known that America is a nation of successful dieters. Unfortunately nearly everyone gains the weight back and adds more. Thus, America is experiencing an obesity epidemic.

To better understand the problem, Rena Wing, Ph.D of Brown Medical School and James O. Hill, Ph.D. of U. of Colorado established the National Weight Control Registry to study long-term successful weight loss maintenance. They basically wanted to know what successful dieters do to keep their weight off. Established in 1994, the epidemiologists have tracked thousands of dieters. To be included in the Registry, each had to have loss at least 30 lbs and kept it off for one year or longer. Many have kept their weight off for decades.

Using different methods, ninety-eight percent of participants report that they modified their food intake. No surprise there. The MoneyWalker was pleased to learn that 94% increased their exercise activity with walking being the most frequent method cited. The exercisers averaged one hour a day of increased activity. For those keeping score, reduction of food intake and increase in physical activity are number one and two respectively in terms of behavior change.

But there are more behaviors that the group have in common. Seventy-eight percent eat breakfast every day; 75% weigh themselves at least once a week; and 62% watch less than 10 hours of TV per week.

From the Registry’s website the MoneyWalker has extracted several testimonials.

Gary..a dramatic change in the volume and types of the foods that he was eating, and obtaining positive support from friends to help boost his self-image and improve his outlook on life. All of this translated to losing 75.5 pounds in 2001 and the ability to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for the last 8 years. Today, Gary works out for an hour each day, eats a balanced, mostly organic diet, avoids fast food in its many forms, and cooks most of his own meals in his own kitchen.

Carolyn…“My exercise routine is simple. I walk. I park at the back of the parking lot at the office and walk during breaks and lunch. Also, when going to the mall, I park at the opposite end from my favorite store.” Carolyn has now lost more than 100 pounds and is feeling better than ever.

Sandra lost 100 pounds over the course of a year through a combination of portion control, food records, and regular exercise.

Drew..By gradually reducing my caloric intake and learning that being hungry before meals could actually be a good thing, I lost weight at a safe rate of about two to three pounds per week." Drew started to walk on a regular basis...

Charles…once he combined healthy eating and portion control, he lost 100 pounds. Now in his seventies, Charles exercises regularly and has been maintaining a healthy weight for over 16 years.

So how can we use the Brown Plan to get thin and stay thin (the MoneyWalker’s word usage, not theirs)? The answer if fourfold: 1) practice portion control, 2) increase exercise, 3) eat breakfast, and 4) weigh at least once a week. Each of the four core principles will be more completely developed as a future blog. In the mean time, get off the couch, turn off the TV, eat less food, take a 30 minute walk, eat breakfast, and weigh once a week.



  1. No. 1 is my downfall. I cook and eat healthy meals but just can't leave the sugars alone. I know it's possible because I did it seven years ago with the big weight loss. Maybe I need an intervention.....

  2. Same with me--# 1. And like you, the grams are coming from the sugar,for me, both grandulated and fermented. Maybe we both need intervention.