Saturday, April 17, 2010

Types of Walkers

Journal Entry 4/16/10: Weight = 171.0 lbs; Coinage = $1.12, 27 pennies, 1 nickel, 3 dimes, 2 quarters; Glass bottles = 5; Ground Scores = 5; Best coinage find = .36 in a parking meter coin return slot.

Journal Entry 4/17/10: Weight = 172.2 lbs; Coinage = $3.91, 121 pennies, 7 nickels, 11 dimes, 3 quarters, 1 half-dollar; Glass bottles = 11; Ground scores = 6; Best Coinage finds = one half-dollar in a car-wash vacuum (what suction) the one-half dollar was only the second of this denomination in more than two years of money walking; a 61 penny-dump at a curb (seeing that many pennies just dumped along the curb shocked the ventral striatum of the MoneyWalker.)

Feature Entry: Types of Walkers

In our last blog we asked the question, “Do you have the DNA to be a MoneyWalker?” This idea came from Tamara Lowe and her trademarked “Motivation DNA.” Lowe’s reference to DNA was metaphorical; she meant Drive, Needs, and Awards. She divided the three factors into bipolar units. The continuum for drive is “Producer” on one end and “Connector” on the other. For needs, the continuum is “Stability” and “Variety.” Awards are differentiated by “Internal” and “External.” The MoneyWalker took her test and was rated a PVE, a producer that is motivated by variety and looks to external rewards for motivation. As for the motivation to be a walker, the expectation of finding lost money while powerful is not for everyone. In fact, very few even consider this “bizarre” source of motivation.

So what kinds or types of people are walkers? Geoff Nicholson in his highly readable book, The Lost Art of Walking (2008, Riverhead Books, NY) provides some clues:

1. The meanderer likes to walk round and about, somewhat aimlessly and avoids direct straight lines.
2. The Roman walker, walkers that walk straight and direct paths to their destination.
3. The set walker, a person that walks the same set pattern every day.
4. The array walker, the walker that has a long list of set walks and varies them according to his/her mood.
5. Pilgrimage walker I, the person that walks the paths of famous persons.
6. Pilgrimage walker II, the person that revisits his old neighborhoods and walks them as if on a pilgrimage.
7. The connoisseur walker, the person that seeks and finds interesting and stimulating walks that most people would not think of.
8. “Shot in the dark” walker, similar to the connoisseur walker, this walker goes to anywhere and everywhere, but not always successful with his/her instincts. Some of the walks are best forgotten.
9. The “marrow bone” walker also known as the masochistic walker takes walks that are so long and onerous as to eat into the marrow of the bone.
10. Nature walker enjoys leisurely strolls through picturesque venues.
11. Dog walker would not walk at all if it weren’t for the dog.
12. Group walker enjoys walking with groups of people.
13. Competitive walker competes in walking races
14. Philanthropic walker gains pledges for charities where donations are referenced to the number of miles walked.
15. Fitness walker is a person that walks for fitness and weight loss or weight maintenance.
16. Gym walker is found on the circular track of the gym but nowhere else.
17. The “peace of mind” walker seeks the exercise to sort out his/her world, for self knowledge.
18. The eccentric walker, often walking in strange clothing, seems to enjoy showing off his/her eccentricity.
19. The photographer walker seeks great photo shots.
20. City walker is a utilitarian; he/she walks to work, to shop, to the post office and other places to satisfy the utilitarian need to be at different places rather than one’s home.

These styles or types are not mutually exclusive. As a money walker, I relate to several of Nicholson’s topology. Also, there are dozens of other types that others might identify. Any takers?

What kind of walker are you?

Happy birthday Ms. MoneyWalker, a great source for exercise and nutrition modelling for the MoneyWalker. Looking good!


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