Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Art, Luck and Politics of Finding Money During Money Walks

Journal Entry: Coinage (get ready) = $20.51 a record find for a one walk find, and yes there is a story, see below, 196 pennies, 42 nickels, 42 dimes, and 49 quarters; glass bottles = 9; ground scores = 5 (one slightly damaged card table that will go into the charity yard sale this spring. The yard sale will contain many of the MoneyWalker’s ground scores.)

Feature Entry: The Art, Luck and Politics of Finding Money During Money Walks

A few blocks back, the Moneywalker spoke of the art, luck, and politics of finding large amounts of coinage while walking to maintain fitness and weight control. The case was made that most significant accomplishments occur as a result of the interaction of skill, good luck, and politics. This post will feature the role of politics.

Several months ago I noticed that a local self car wash with seven vacuum bays did not bother to lock the vacuum receptacles, most do. It seemed intrusive and somewhat gross to inspect these potential money hot spots even though it was obvious from the debris in and around the canisters that others were doing so. Finally I succumbed to a money search urge and began inspecting these potential treasure spots. As expected, they were and continue to be a rich source for coins, and on one occasion a dollar bill.

Then it happened, a polite gentleman named Eddie approached me and asked if he could help me. He was the manager of the MidCity Car Wash. I introduced myself as the MoneyWalker and explained that I searched the canisters for loose change, but that I gave all finds to a charity, the Friendship House, a ministry for battered women and their children. He explained that he applauded the purpose and only asked that I carefully reclose the doors and tidy the debris that was pulled from the canisters. Later I met the owner, Jason, who was aware of my habit. He donated several quarters from a sack that was used to empty the vending machines.

Now the politics. Last year the MoneyWalker donated more than $500 dollars to the Friendship House, distributed in amounts of $100 each over one year. Each donation was accompanying by a cover letter offering encouragement as well as acknowledging the check. In each letter, I complemented the MidCity ownership and management for their cooperation and mentioned Eddie and Jason by name. I made copies of the letters and sent them to both Eddie and Jason.

During this morning’s walk, I found just under $10 dollars in one of the canisters. By chance, Jason was watching from his office. He walked over and donated another $10 dollars in quarters from his sack. Then he said something remarkable. His company was being forced to put locks on the canister doors because others, less vigilant than the MoneyWalker was leaving the areas thrashed and were failing to close the doors. But please don’t worry he said, I will give you the key. As I said, finding money is a combination of art, luck, and politics. Thank you Jason. Thank you Eddie.



  1. Great politicking Bobby. Glad your heart survived the Saints run. Super for everybody in LA. Your moneywalking finds still amaze me but I'm getting better.